Chris Baughman

Chris BaughmanFirst-time author Det. Chris Baughman ( moved to Las Vegas at age 9, and during the next 10 years experienced life in the rougher sections of town.

While many refused to go back, Baughman has spent most of his 11 years as a cop working the neighborhoods of his youth – in the patrol officer setting for four years, as an investigator with the Gangs Unit, as a Vice detective and now as a member of the Pandering Investigation Team (PIT).

In 2009, the case of Anthony Smith, portrayed in “Off the Street,” led to PIT’s establishment. Less than a year later, Baughman’s team had arrested and convicted several of the wealthiest and most violent criminals in the city, propelling the team into the national spotlight with segments on shows such as “Dateline NBC.” The team also provided consultation on CBS’s “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” crossover episode.

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