Louis Prima Jr.

Louis Prima, Jr.Louis Prima Jr. (LouisPrimaJr.com) has traveled a long road to carry on his father’s amazing music legacy. These past few years, working with a powerhouse eight-piece, brass infused band called The Witnesses—the same name Louis Sr. called his trusty backing cats Prima Jr. has been touring the world, celebrating his dad’s legacy with what he calls, “an updated sound, what my father would be doing now if he were still with us.”

Now, he is stretching the boundaries between the swing and rock eras, turning up the fire and adding blistering energy to a batch of Prima Sr. classics on Return of the Wildest!, his debut album on Warrior Records/Universal Music Distribution. Prima Jr.’s debut album draws from his legendary father’s catalog, while revving up and dynamically re-imagining the songs for the current generation with eclectic, ever-evolving tastes. The set list on Return of the Wildest!, as in his live shows, includes a mix of familiar classics (“Jump, Jive, An’ Wail,” “Just A Gigolo/I Ain’t Got Nobody”) and award-winning gems not immediately associated with Prima (“Oh Babe,” “Sunday Kind Of Love”).

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