Al Walser

Al WalserAl Walser ( is truly living the American dream. He came from the tiny country of Liechtenstein to succeed in music in America. His efforts have paid off this year as he finds himself in contention for the industry’s highest honor: The Grammy Award. Today Al Walser is an international Grammy Nominated artist.
Al has had a wide variety of entertainment experience from being a DJ, Radio Show Host, singer, musician, dance and composing. He truly does it all and at the highest of levels!

Al’s career started at the early age of 13years, when he was winning Karaoke competitions within Germany,Switzerland, Austria and his native country Liechtenstein. When Radio Liechtenstein was founded in 1995, a young Al Walser quickly rose to become the country’s first native Radio DJ personality.

After his radio stint he joined the Hamburg based Pop Group Fun Factory with whom he toured throughout the world. Al wrote, performed and co produced many of the groups hit tracks. One of the many hit songs ” Party With Fun Factory ” became Japan’s most played Dance song in its era also topping Japan’s ZIP 100 charts. As a member of the legendary Team 33 production team in Hamburg, Al wrote and produced also projects from producer Dieter Bohlen such as ” Kids In America ” from Touche. Other projects included dance chart project 2 Eivissa and a 1 year solo tour with Berlin’s #1 Hit station JAM FM. Al is in fact Liechtenstein’s very first biracial citizen! In 2012, his song ” I Can’t Live Without You ” has been nominated in the prestigious Grammy category for “Best Dance Record” . Today Al tours as Artist DJ on stages worldwide.His single Trendsetter most recently has been included in the soundtrack to the hit TV show “Beverly Hills 90210”.

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