Charles Bach (The Naked Magicians)

Charles BachAm interview with Charles Bach (}, the producer of the new show “The Naked Magicians” ( and who is an international illusionist and creator of shows for theaters, casinos, resorts, and cruise lines. Clients include Caesars Palace, Resorts World, Busch Gardens, Shoji Tabuchi Show, and Royal Caribbean International.

The last decade and a half has been spent touring the world with his own magic & illusion show, a residency at Caesars Palace for 4 years, and producing & choreographing dance shows, musical revues, game shows, and magic shows for casinos, theaters, and corporate events.

“The Naked Magicians” show is where three of the world’s top, close-up magicians perform their illusions with items that are displayed “naked” for you to examine before they mesmerize you! Your flirtatious comedy hostess & magician’s assistant (Improv performer and comedian EMILY LAUREN SANDERS) will tease and titillate you, while our magicians attempt to remove your skepticism and her clothing!

The Naked Magicians: CHRIS JAMES, ANDREW GOLDENHERSH, and JASON BANEY are sleight of hand superstars brought together for this very special show.

The Naked Magicians

The Naked Magicians


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