Gregory Miles Allen

Greg Allen (aka.Miles Felony)Gregory Allen, writing under the pseudonym Miles Felony (, has been writing his entire life. Born in Buffalo, New York, Allen moved to Las Vegas with his family in 1981 at the age of 4. Like many writers, some of his favorite childhood memories are of entertaining classrooms with his gripping homework assignments. But also like many writers, Allen didn’t think he could actually make a living doing what he loved and, as an adult, pursued “sensible” jobs.

He spent four years as a union painter and drywaller before switching to union electrical work, which he continues to do. While he excelled in those areas, he knew such work wasn’t his passion. Upon completing his painting apprenticeship in 2003, Allen decided to embrace his passion for writing and began work on his first novel, “Beg 4 Mercy, The Sin City Chronicles, Book One: The Reason.”

Set largely in Las Vegas, “Beg 4 Mercy” is part one of a two-book murder thriller. While the story is meant to entertain, Allen weaves in social sub-themes meant to raise awareness of veterans’ homecoming struggles as well as mental illness.

As a result of his efforts to highlight the need for behavioral health and housing services for veterans, Allen served as an invited speaker Oct. 25 for “Making a Difference in AD17: Perspectives from our Community Heroes.”

Beg For Mercy

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