Patrick Murray

PatrickMurrayPatrick Murray ( has always been a clever mimic and full of funny voices, but up until age 23 made his living unloading freight trains. After teaching himself ventriloquism from Izzy Rizzy’s Home Study Course a $4 booklet from Izzy Rizzy’s House of Tricks and School of Ventriloquism on Chicago’s South Side. He decided to stop throwing freight and start throwing voices.

His newfound talents landed him in top nightclubs where he honed his craft and sense of humor. After a few successful years he decided to see the world and started tours that covered the entire US, Caribbean, South America, Australia, Europe and Asia. His greatest successes came after introducing Jamaican Comedy Diva, Matilda into his act. Matilda was born into a talented family.

Currently, Maltilda and Patrick perform every day except Friday at the “D” Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas at 2:00pm. A very funny adult oriented afternoon show not to be missed!


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