Donnie Osmond

Donny OsmondAn interview with Donny Osmond (, a world famous singer, actor and television star who has performed all over the world since he was age 5.

Donny and his sister Marie had a very successful television show for many years called the Donnie and Marie Show. Now it plays on the Las Vegas stript at the Flamingo.

Donny and his family the Osmond’s has been one of the most popular acts ever in the history of television and music. A very enjoyable gentleman who has seen it all and done 55 albums to date with many more to come I’m sure.
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Marty Allen &
Karon Kate Blackwell

Marty Allen and Karon Kate Blackwell An interview with the wonderful husband and wife team of Marty Allen and Karon Kate Blackwell ( Marty’s comedy routines are classics in the comedy world and he has been all over the world and every major television show including the Ed Sullivan show where the Beatles was introduced to America. Karon is an extremely accomplished singer, pianist and song writer and the two of them produce a wonderfully entertaining evening. They are performing through July 8th at the Gold Coast.!
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Ronn Lucas

Ronn LucasAn interview with Ronn Lucas (, master comedian and ventriloquist and star of the Ronn Lucas Show playing at the Excalibur.

Ronn has entertained visitors in Las Vegas on and off for the past 20 years inbetween traveling the world and entertaining Presidents, dignitaries and even the Queen of England. His show is a unique family friendly show for all ages with something that will make you laugh and applaud!
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Darryl Ross

Darryl RossInterview with Darryl Ross ( – lead singer and dancer in Bareback playing 6 nights a week at Harrahs.

Darryl was in the former “Skintight” production for years and also hosts a Television show spotlighting the music scene in Las Vegas. Darryl has performed on cruise ships and places all around the world. He has been in Las Vegas since the 1990’s.
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Dr. Lonnie Hammargren

Dr. Lonnie Hammargren (NevadaDays,org) is a longtime Nevadan serving the public as a former LT. Governor, and member of the UNLV Board of Regents. Lonnie is an accomplished surgeon. His science interests are broad, ranging from biology to medicine, mathematics, anthropology and psychology.

His special focus is the history of scientific thought, archaeology and astronomy. Lonnie is an avid collector with special interests in trains, planes, cars, boats and the history of Nevada. His personal collections include: a Nevada History Yard, a Car Museum and an Egyptian Tomb which is a tribute to the history of ancient Egyptian medicine and science.
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George Wallace

George WallaceAn interview with George Wallace (, the number one late night show in Las Vegas! George has been entertaining people around the world for 30 years and in Las Vegas as the 10:00pm show at the Flamingo since 2003!

George has a long history on TV and the movies and is friends with all the top entertainers in the world. You never know who is going to appear at his showw!
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Monti Rock III

Monti Rock IIIAn interview with Monti Rock III (, the Darling Desert Diva and consistently voted one of the top personalities in Las Vegas by the Review Journal. Monti has appeared on Johnny Carson over 70 times, in movies and has even recorded a top hit song! He is a columnist for several Las Vegas publications and makes appearances throughout Las Vegas on a regular basis.
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